Whisperlite Tracer 1 yd. packet

Whisperlite tracer foundation is a favorite alternative for paper-piecing quilt foundations for so many reasons.

Use Whisperlite for foundation piecing your string quilts or any other foundation pieced quilts. Much lighter than muslin so it doesn't add that extra weight to your quilt.

Also use Whisperlite tracer foundation as an overlay for easy applique placement. You can also use it to trace quilting designs onto your quilt top. Use Whisperlite for quilt paper-piecing instead of paper foundations - no need to remove afterwards, it's ultra lightweight, and it keeps your quilt blocks stabilized Perfect for String quilts!

This is for a 1 yard package (36" x 42")

See the Whisperlite page on my website for more info.

Also available by the yard see item # 3226B.

Whisperlite Tracer/foundation from Thistledown and Company
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