Whisperlite Tracer foundation yardage

Have you tried using Whisperlite Tracer/foundation? Now you can order it in continuous yardage too. Whisperlite Tracer can be used for string piecing, collage quilts, paper-piecing, leave-in foundation piecing, easy turn applique and transferring designs for embroidery or marking your quilt for quilting.

Save money and order 5 yards at a time. Whisperlite is now 42" wide.

See my "How-to" page on my website for more info. www.thistledownquilts.com

Also available in prepackaged 1 yard cut - see item # 3226B.

Whisperlite Tracer from Thistledown and Co. Fabulous for foundation piecing, appliques and design transfer
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